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The Media

February 11, 2012 Leave a comment

You guessed it. A major staple of what the world revolves around. This can be looked at in a variety of ways. The music you listen to. The news, movies, shows, etc. that you watch on television. The internet. As in, what I’m bringing to you right now; media. As technology grows and things and events happen, they can be put out and discussed through all of the above forms of media. The world in its current state relies on someone’s take or opinion of a moment or event to form and base their own opinion.

This is the very reason that I haven’t owned a TV for almost a year and a half now. Sure, I’ll go home or go to the bar somewhere or eat someplace that has one and I’ll catch whatever happens to be on, whether it be the news, a ballgame, or a show of some kind. But the reason I don’t own one is that I’ll end up being glued to it, and chances are, I’ll see a big news story, specifically as of late, a political one. News outlets, whether you can see it or not, have a way of putting their spin on things to make the good guys look great and the not-so-good guys look awful. This is most obvious with Fox News and MSNBC. Both networks are heavily controlled and swayed by their respective political parties, the Republicans and Democrats. Fox News, even if they happen to be right a good portion of the time, paint the President as a man who portrays everything currently wrong with America and that it would be foolish to re-elect such a failure. MSNBC portrays him as a savior, a man reforming all the major problems with America’s infrastructure, everything from the economy to the way our medical care is controlled, and that we should stand behind this man because he is the one who “brought down the [almighty] Bin Laden”.

These two takes alone describe best why I despise the media. Could each network be right? The answer is yes, but both are so focused on a partisan political agenda that they fail to see the real truth behind what goes on. In reality, our country has seen a tripling of the national debt, the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs (Obama considers temporary 3-month job acts “job creation”), and a complete disastrous takeover of our medical care system. People who are raised by their parents to devote their viewership to either one of these networks are easily likely to raise their own children to believe the same way, similar to the way they devote their belief to a specific religion. The brainwashing cycle runs and runs, until no one is able to form their own beliefs anymore. It baffles me to see that the country seems to be running in reverse, that everyone stands for something, simply because it is what their parents believe in and tell them to continue in. I’d like to say that I can agree with my mother and father 100% of the time on everything, but where would I find the room to put my own opinion in? Somewhere down the line, you have to break free from the “cocoon” of  family beliefs and discover what you stand for in your own life and who you are as a human being.

This leads me to a current major trend in the media, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, where all opinions are “welcome”. Much like the news on TV, an event happens, people then post that news and a discussion occurs. I can’t shake social media, as it is the best way besides a telephone to contact someone and know whats happening currently in their life. However, this is where everyone seems to forget how to help themselves at crossing the line between what they want to say, and what others want to hear. As much as you want to break the news of your recent life successes, someone else is entitled to a full opinion of what they think of your “success” and how/why you got there.

This can best describe the current “baby boom” happening between women (mostly late teens and girls under 21) back home in Littleton. These pregnancies are occurring at a rapid pace, and all pregnancy updates are being posted online in full detail. As much as I’d like to be proud that families are being created/added to, I can’t comprehend the lack of understanding by some of these future mothers when someone states an opinion on the impending childbirth through a media source such as Facebook. When you post publicly that you are “experiencing financial issues”, you “party heavily whether its Monday or Saturday”,  you “live with/depend on your parent(s) or family for support”, and especially when you state that “the father of your unborn child doesn’t even have a job”, of course someone is going to question your abilities to raise the child in a loving environment. “Love may conquer all”, but it doesn’t pay the heat bill or put gas in the tank and food on the table. That job at McDonald’s or Dunkin Donuts isn’t going to buy diapers for the next 2-3 years and possibly support your life choices as well. The decision to create a family should take careful planning, everything from living arrangements to transportation to feeding the child and keeping clothes on his/her back as well as yours. A child isn’t something you become ready to raise overnight. A family support system is a great thing to fall back on in times of need, but not everyone has parents willing to babysit so you can go look for a job or go to the bar every weekend. Some of these people don’t even have parents to rely on, as they were raised themselves by a parent with no support system who was totally unprepared to raise a child. In a good majority of cases the cycle just repeats itself, over and over again.

All of these issues are discussed openly on a daily basis with the general public, but when someone expresses concern for the welfare of these people, they are told it is “none of their business” and to “stay out of my life”. It amazes me how ignorant people can be to crave  attention, but when they are drowning in it, they don’t know how to handle it. TV shows like “Teen Mom” and “16 and pregnant” glorify teen childbirth as something that can be taken in stride, but all networks like MTV do is stick false ideas into the heads of their target audience. Your parents are not going to drop everything and raise a grandchild because you don’t know what to do. That isn’t what happened when you were born 16-21 years ago, why should it happen now? Apartments and hotel rooms aren’t a viable (or even affordable) living environment when the primary breadwinner of the new family makes 8.50/hour. These girls need to wake up and smell reality, and it isn’t going to be a TV show that pays all of your living expenses (why do you think the girls on these shows live such a supportive lifestyle? That car and all those clothes had to be paid for from somewhere).

Until that day comes when I decide to have a family, I’ll just continue to live life one day at a time, until i have the financial and moral foundation that is needed to help put a successful son or daughter out there into the world.