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Lazy Weekend

Sunday is one of those days where I always seem to find the most amount of time to get things done that I couldnt do during the week. Stuff like laundry, sitting aimlessly in front of a computer screen, getting more tattoos, haircuts, things like that. I get a bit of OCD when it comes to doing anything meaningful during the week because I feel as if it cuts into what little free time I have that should be spent not worrying about anything. Nothing important really occurs on a Sunday outside of sports games, so its a great day to get out, spend money, and drive around aimlessly.

This weekend was kind of a waste, having had my wisdom teeth out on Thursday, so there was definitely no drinking Friday night. I woke up yesterday and felt pretty good most of the day, even accidentally drinking soda with no problem (which they tell you not to because of the carbonation) so I decided to give it a shot and go out for the night. I’ve been going to Copperhead Road for close to a year now, as it’s the only bar in Colorado Springs that resembles anything close to what I’ve experienced back home at The Packing House or Phat Kat’s Tavern. The cover is relatively cheap compared to some of the shitholes in the greater Springs area (i.e. Sodo’s Nightclub – $15), the drinks aren’t overpriced, and the atmosphere resembles that of Coyote Ugly- plenty of beautiful women working the bar, making drinks, and dancing to the music. Although it’s a bit of a drive from Fort Carson, close to 20 minutes depending on the traffic, it’s well worth my gas money every weekend.

One of the great things about having a regular bar to attend, is the general atmosphere and demeanor of the people inside it. Copperhead Road is where country music meets a strong dance beat and everything flows from there. Even with a largely country touch on everything, not everyone that shows up is dressed like a cowboy, ensuring that no one will feel out of place. One of the main highlights of almost any night that I’ve gone is a regular by the name of Joseph. The guy is somewhere in his 60’s or 70’s but this doesn’t stop him one bit from ripping the place up. For most people that age, theyre in retirement mode; Joseph does this:

He Dances on the bar with girls young enough to be his grandkids; he doesn’t care. When the moment comes, he’s up there on the pipe doing pull-up after pull-up, 20 is the nightly standard. America is full of fat people and old people making excuses for not getting anything done; he’s out to have a good time. I’d like to be this awesome when I reach that age. The night went off without a hitch and  i was back inside the gates around 2am.

After finally dragging myself out of bed at around 9:30 this morning, i put enough effort together to get outside by 11 am to go get lunch. There’s nothing that seems to fill an empty stomach or fix a hangover better than a big meal at a place like Denny’s and the Ultimate Skillet did the trick today. The combination of Spinach (odd enough), peppers, tomatoes, eggs, and potatoes will fix any hunger problems in a heartbeat. Still bored, I figured I’d roam around the mall and ended up buying another pair of shoes because I figured that having 5 pairs already isn’t enough. That leads me to now, where I’m stuck doing laundry and reminding myself that its back up at 5:10 tomorrow morning and back to the daily circus that is Goof Troop.

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