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Hiatus/Current Happenings

After a 3 1/2 month hiatus, ive decided to bring 7’s back to the table. Having been in Afghanistan, there wasn’t much to talk about outside of my same daily routine 7 days a week. After finding out at the end of September that I’d be going home in 2 1/2 months, that was all i could think about on a daily basis. Those last 60-70 days at Camp Stone were nothing more than counting down until I’d be able to drink beer and go outside of a 5 mile radius for once. Since returning to the US in mid-December, work has been nothing more than sitting around in the office all day, with an occasional menial task to do like paperwork, more paperwork, and online/classroom classes.

At the end of December, i got to go home for the first time in 8.5 months and really saw a lot of things that disgusted me, which led me to a long series of solid Facebook rants. As is with the current state of social media again, people tend to get butthurt when i throw my opinions out into the open, instead of tucking them away into a place like this blog. After a January/ first week of Feburary of hardcore ranting, i was urged by several people to create a blog/bring this back. Already having 7’s in place, I’m able to come back right to where i left off.

As for current happenings, I got my 3 remaining wisdom teeth taken out yesterday with the aid of IV sedation. Having never been “put under” before, I didn’t know what to expect, but figured nothing abnormal would happen. I remember the doctor’s assistant putting the IV in, talking to her for 5 minutes and then the doctor showing up, and then the next thing I know, im talking to the da again and I’ve got a funny taste in my mouth from all the blood and gauze. Medical technology sure has come a long way from the days of cutting people wide open with no medication at all. As for post-surgery, they advise you not to drive, as you’ll be feeling all the side effects from the drugs during the surgery. Other than sleeping half the ride back, I felt totally normal, with no “drugged out” feeling whatsoever. The pain is totally comparable to when I had my first wisdom tooth taken out, and even without the pills I was prescribed, there is little to no pain at all. The bleeding has stopped for the most part, and by eating a full dinner last night, the whole “no solid foods” diet for the first 24-36 hours seems like more of a precaution than a requirement.

Because of the medications, I cant go out and drink this weekend, which is a downer, but i feel as though I’ve really tapered off drinking-wise the last few weeks. I don’t know if it’s boredom, drinking at the same place every weekend, or something else, but it feels like I’ll get to a certain amount of beers with no buzz and then i just don’t feel like drinking anymore. Having started smoking cigarettes again in the ‘stan, I’d been making the mistake of trying to equal out my beers by smoking cigarettes after every beer or every other beer. All this was doing was making me more dependent on nicotine, and causing me to spend more money and hamper my abilities in PT during the week. I “stopped” after two weeks ago, when I woke up Saturday with no voice and a major cold. I’ve only had about three cigarettes since, and overall, I feel a lot better. As for this coming week, because of the surgery, I’m off regular PT until Thursday, which leads right into a 3/4 day weekend for us. Hopefully by the end of this week, It’ll warm up out here and it won’t be so damn cold to run in the morning. Being forced to wear black gloves (the one color they don’t issue for work gloves in the Army) has caused nothing but numbness in my hands the last 3/4 days outside.

Being back online, we’ll see what i can bring to the table, and hopefully I can get excited about writing again. Until next time…. 7’s

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