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Entertainment In The Land Of Sand

After a few days of the internet being down I can finally post again… Every day here has been exactly the same for the last 4 months. I wake up between 530-545, take a morning piss, shower/shave if I didn’t the night before, and get dressed to head off to eat before my never-ending 12 hour a day, 7 day a week shift. Sometimes, like today, there might be a game on TV, as 6 am here is 8:30 pm back on the East Coast. The walk from the DFAC to my office isn’t that far, maybe about five minutes or so. I come in and have the same start to the shift just about everyday, booting up my laptop while handing out passes to the endless stream of Afghans that come in between 6-830 am to go to work. I visit almost the same group of websites everyday, and this consumes most of my shift until I go outside to work with the guards around 3pm. In no particular order:

Facebook/Twitter – I have both, and alot of people are seeming to creep over onto the Twitter side, sick of FB “drama”. I know almost everyone spends countless hours on FB, whether it’s status updates, recent pictures, or just creeping random profiles. Many people spend more time on these two websites than actually working, (provided they even have a job) working out, or doing something purposeful with their life. My favorite part about this is that so many people in this generation have their lives wrapped up around a computer/the internet, that they have no idea how to handle real-life situations or problems. Getting butthurt because of what someone said over a social networking site and then using the “don’t talk to me, I want to be alone” excuse has become a daily occurrence (especially for a large portion of the users that are OVER 20). Maturity has taken a huge dive, and most venting that I witness appears to be lazy fucks who are incapable of completing simple tasks at a simple job. I enjoy reading about how so-and-so’s vacation is going, or how they just got a promotion, or how they just had a child, or they’re moving somewhere exciting.

What annoys the shit out of me is the growing number of people who don’t understand what the purpose of a real job or education is, are too afraid to stand up for anything since they view “drama” as a small argument online, and take out their own failures on ex’s or bosses at work. If your boss or supervisor at work tells you that you’re doing a shitty job, there’s probably a reason behind it. Its not because this person dislikes you (maybe they do), its probably because you actually are doing a shitty job. Even better are the people that I’ve met since joining the Army who complain about the most mundane shit. I’m over here, even if I’m not being shot at at all, and you’re complaining (still back in America, not deploying anytime soon) because your unit “made you work through lunch, they don’t even give us an hour”. Nowhere in the contract to join does it say anything about “lunch breaks” or even being given time off for such.

Even better are the ones who figure out that in order to avoid a deployment, all they need to do is get pregnant. Women are making a push to be able to join infantry related units, “because we are as tough as men are” but we’ve got stupid whores getting knocked up just because they can’t man up and wield a weapon for 12 months. I even saw a status update quoting that one of them was “beating deployment” by being pregnant. I understand women, and their right to do so, to want to create a family because the Army is a hard job to accommodate such a thing. But to make a claim like that is a disgrace to the entire Army and disrespect to the people who serve for the purpose of fighting for their country. Yes, I got stuck out here in this office job, but I make the most of what I have. These women complain about something as simple as having to actually work 8 hours a day (OMG).

MLB.com/NFL.com/Nascar.com – This depends on whatever sport is in season. April to late September is baseball and nothing else to me. Six full months of crunching numbers and seeing whats going on. October to January is where I’ll be on nfl.com, during the season. As for Nascar, I don’t follow it anywhere near like I did when I was younger, but I’ll still check in from time to time.

Dikumbobulated.com – This is a forum i have been a member of for about 2 years, since it broke off into its own website. There aren’t many nice things to say about this place, other than its a group of people like myself who enjoy lowbrow humor along with the occasional retared or extreme news story. One of the best threads on here is the WTF thread, which has carried on for 6 years between the original site, and the two new ones. Nothing is out of bounds here and all can and will be posted.

Isanyoneup.com – I discovered this site a few months ago, and it has become a solid source of laughs. Basically the premise is a guy who got the idea to do a blog style posting of various people’s nudes sent in by anonymous users. Its a simple format, the persons’s name, facebook page, a few normal pictures, then their nudes. The message is simple, just like the TV commercials, never trust anyone you send pictures to as they could end up anwhere, especially a place like this site. Some posts are hilarious, such as the daily gnargoyle (a really fat girl) or posts with ironic titles (am I fat?, I think I have a bad case of the man face, most beautiful girl ever posted). There really isn’t any seriousness here, but some people get butthurt and call the site out as an invasion of privacy (false, you sent the pictures), and attempt to “threaten” the administrator with a lawsuit (nothing has taken place against the guy). Rule #1, if you’re fat and/or ugly, don’t bother taking pictures of yourself, nobody wants to see that. As if the pictures of the people aren’t enough for laughter, the guy will post a reaction to each set of photos, usually in .gif form (short looped video), and most of these are spot on. I have yet to see the same one for different sets of photos.

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