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The Altima, Part Three: The T-Bone

As the end of August 2008 approached, it was time to head back to Delhi for what was supposed to be my 2nd and final year to complete my Associate’s. Around the last week or so, my only pair of sandals broke, leaving me with no “shower shoes” for the dreaded college showers. I made it my point to attempt to pick up a pair on the way to school. That Sunday, I stopped in Oneonta, the only form of retail stores within an hour’s drive of the school. Looking to pick up a pair of good Adidas’, I stopped at JC Penney’s only to find out they had none. My last resort was to head to Walmart across the mall parking lot. between the two stores there is an access road that runs next to a Burger King and into the road that goes into Walmart’s parking lot. As I pulled up to the stop sign, I saw a long line of cars coming out from the other way. Once again, like the windshield incident, I was in a hurry to go nowhere since I would be unpacking for two hours anyway. Seeing an opening, I floored it to make it across the two lanes. I looked again to the right as I went, just to see some African guy paying way too much attention to the inside of his car/on his cell phone. He decides to look up while less than 100 feet away from me, still with plenty of time to hit the brakes at only 20 or so mph. This required way too much coordination as he promptly slammed into the side of me which did nothing other than make a loud bang. After 40 minutes of waiting for a cop, finding out it was his sister’s car, and making sure his 1 year old little girl was fine, I really had no one to blame but myself. The worst part was at classes the next day when everyone thought that i stuck rims on a junker.

So basically for the rest of the school year, i had to drive around with this, the left front fender dinged in, anyone riding who couldnt open the right rear door, and the drivers seat back that Shiloh managed to rip out on the way to a Fisher Cats game. Not to mention the fact that due to being t-boned, the altima would be out of alignment the next 9 months. causing me to drive on bald tires all spring. On one trip up to Rochester, I hit a patch of rain that was bad enough on the tires, I started sliding bad enough to make me think one of my tires had gone flat. Having managed to fail two of my classes during the school year while compiling solid gpa’s of 1.26 and 1.29, I was forced to come back for a 5th semester with the Altima…

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