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Thirsty Thursday

Or at least it would be back in the states… instead its just another day in the office out in the ‘Stan. 4 months in, there have been rough patches, but i feel like i could do this for a good while without getting bored. Having to deal with around 400+ locals, contractors, and military personnel a day means I’m usually always on my toes, even for an entire 12 hour shift. Most people back home like to complain how bad their 8 hour a day, 5 day a week job is and how tough they have it. While working up here isn’t necessarily physically demanding, I’ve been at it 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for the last four months. This is what it’s probably like being a single parent who has to work two jobs to pay all the bills, never any off time… However, at least in my case, there’s an end in sight. At some point in December, in about 7 weeks or so, I’ll be boarding the plane to send me back to Colorado to finish the last 22 months of this enlistment. While I’m fortunate enough to go home early, most of the rest of my unit gets to be stuck here for another 6 months of bullshit.

At this point, what I look forward to most, is to be able to go back and get things in order for the next 2 years. When i got there back in October, i had the obvious distraction of knowing i was confirmed to deploy in 8 months, and to spend most of the time leading up to it training and readying personal equipment/gear. This time around, I’ll have plenty of time to get personal things done and focus on my needs along with the army’s. Also, much of my unit is either retiring, leaving the army, or changing duty stations within a year of getting back, so I’ll be seeing a lot of new faces by the time i get out. But for now, all I can do is go to work, hit the gym an hour a night, and make sure my fantasy team is near the top of the league in our company.

For Today, 7’s across the board

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