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The Altima, Part One

A memory that shares both triumphant moments and pitiful defeats. The Jarmobile. The first vehicle I ever owned. The Altima was given to me by my grandparents as a graduation/we love you/good job for being 18 and not a bum present. It was a free vehicle with initial insurance agreed to be paid for by my dad, leaving me with only maintenance and gas costs. As I had also gotten my first job the week of graduating, at Mac’s Market (somehow legally able to call itself a grocery store), I also needed a car with which to get me there. This is where the Altima stepped in. It was nice having a vehicle of my own instead of having to ask one of my parents to drive their car everywhere just to bring it back. It was the coolest feeling in the world to be able to not worry about how hard I drove this car, since it wasnt my dad’s $30,000 Grand Cherokee. Of course within the first month, I made sure to test how fast it could go (I couldnt get any extra speed once I hit 123, between exit 40 and 38 on I-93 south), where I could drive (low sedans aren’t fond of the massive rocks on Oregon Rd. in Lisbon), and how long I could drive (going past a “next exit: 15 miles sign” with the gas tank indicator hovering on the E line with Satchel and Shiloh screaming in my ear).

Besides getting to work, I now had a means with which to go on trips during my rare off days from a $6.50/hr, 40 hour a week job. At least every other Wednesday and Friday, funds permitting, mornings meant gassing up the Jarmobile, picking up the Summers Bros. and heading on one of two trips: the 45 minute drive down 302 through Crawford notch to Above The Stairs Card Shop, or the 2+ hour drive down I-93 to Collector’s Heaven,

just so we could hang out in there for half an hour and spend maybe 50 bucks a piece on any good cards we could get our hands on. Once we discovered Collectors Heaven and Above The Stairs, Strike Zone, the local “card” shop, pretty much had its days numbered. By 2007, Merril was going to have a tough time trying to sell all his 1991 Donruss Nascar cards and single cards like 1993 Craig Grebecks. A visit to either of these two shops was usually followed by lunch at either DQ in Glen after a trip to ATS, or Wendell’s in Concord after going to CH. the most exciting part was sitting in the car after our purchases and opening up all the packs of cards. This made for a pretty exciting summer, as the Jarmobile was totally capable of getting us anywhere we wanted. Once summer was over, all the fun ended and it was time for me to head off to college, a new experience, and the first time i’d be driving more than 3 hours  one-way by myself.

Below is the Jarmobile with relatively no issues at the time.

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