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The Altima, Part Two

As mentioned before, heading off to college was a big step for me, as i would be making a 300 mile drive 6 hours each time i went between there and home, which was going to be a brand new experience for me. Staying awake was a challenge for trips like these, but that’s what loud music and rest stops are for. I was somehow able to cram all of my shit from my room into the trunk and other three seats, basically limiting my abilties to use anything besides my side mirrors. I made the trip alright and for the first couple months of school, had no issues driving around the Delhi campus and around town. The first two major incidents with the Jarmobile occurred while coming home on two of my school breaks.

When Thanksgiving break started, I said “fuck Wednesday classes” and took off bright and early in order to be home by the afternoon. I drove about 7-8 mph over the speed limit as I usually do without any repercussions. As I approached the NY/VT border, things took a turn. As I reached the last town before the border, I got stuck behind a line of cars all going about 2 below the speed limit. as we rounded a corner, the car in front of me decided to be slow enough to leave a space in front of him big enough for a car to pull out then slow both of us down even more. As I was already in a big enough hurry to go nowhere, this pissed me off pretty good. As we hit the straightaway, I decided “fuck this guy” and pulled out to pass him. I flew by, pulled back in, then noticed the two cop cars (including a K-9 officer and his dog in the second car) sitting at the end of the straightaway. Somehow, before he even pulled out, I managed to pull  over to the side of the road, now pissing off the guy i just passed. As I had managed to stop on a bridge, i look in my mirror and see the cop frantically waving his arms. I pull maybe 3/4 of the way across, decide im not gonna worry about this guy and turn the car off. Guy comes to my window and the first cool thing he can say is “What the fuck is your problem?”.. after about 30 minutes of bullshit (including them searching my car, threatening to tow my car and put me in jail because i had insurance but not an updated card) they let me go with not one but three tickets which later came out to $515 in fines.

Four days before Christmas, I took off a few hours early on school break because there was a major storm coming to snow the town in. Getting across NY was rather brutal but cleared up going east through VT until i got back to I-91. About 80 or so minutes from home, I have a death grip on the wheel, still going 60 through driving snow while trying to pass a pack of cars. While following a guy in the passing lane, I suddenly hear a loud crack, like a bit of ice hitting the windshield. About 20 minutes later, I look up to see a good sized crack at the top. Already pissed off, i kept driving on. When i got to Woodsville, I had the option of taking 302, a 40 minute straight shot, back to Littleton. My grandmother had recently gotten in a car accident and i decided to take Route 135 to see her. not even a mile out of town, i hit the sharp, narrow right hand turn that carries the narrow part of the road along this section of the Connecticut River. Being “safe”, i TAP the brake heading into the corner. Big mistake. I try turning the wheel to no avail, which sends me straight into the guardrail. Had I gone any faster, I wouldve been through and down 20 or so feet through the ice into the water. Seeing as there was only fender damage, I decided not to risk any more chances and drove home instead (pointless, I know).

Lucky for me, I made it through the rest of the school year without any damage or accidents, and my plans were to replace the fender and headlight from the next summer’s work earnings. The rims from my previous post were purchased that summer, however, due to the fact that my hours were cut down to nothing, most of the profits i made were spent either on gas or travelling down to manchester for Fisher Cats games. I was hoping to replace the fender at some point during the next school year, since I had enough connections in NY to get a cheaper deal on the fender.

Then came the return trip for my 2nd year..

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