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The Summers Bros.

I’m an hour into this process, and still a bit frustrated. Something as simple as picking out a background and layout take ages. But who the fuck cares… that’s not what this blog is about. As suggested by a certain Shiloh Summers, i have plenty of past material to cover in terms of life up until now. The Summers brothers, who have influenced much of who I am today, were the first dudes who didn’t know me as just the new kid in Littleton who I hung out with. My first memory starts back during the summer after 5th grade, when i particpated in one of only two summers (thankfully it wasn’t more) Littleton Park Program. They had just moved from Bath, about 30 minutes away, where there isnt really shit to do other than run a general store (which their parents did). Satchel was the first family member I met and i remember thinking that he was cooler than any kid id met through 6 years of school. I set to know what made Satch the kid he was and why he was cooler than any kid in Littleton or Bethlehem I’d met to this point.

The entire summer consisted of Satch beating everyone at most sports we played while Ben Murtiff reminded everyone of how big he was by being fully developed at 12 years old.  Once we got into middle school, one thing I remember best was 7th grade English taught by Mrs. Carbonneau, possibly the best teacher/class combination of the year. Our teamwork of storywriting skills in the freestyle writing portion of class was completely unmatched by any other kid in the class. Epic novels such as Satch’s The Beef Avengers and my Barney, Bush, And Bin Laden were far over any other attempts such as Ben Murtiff”s or Jon Lafitte’s repetitive tales about midgets and being lost in the woods. My low point was when i got stuck in Emily Clark’s reading group “Envoy” which i could never figure out why was named after a GMC Sport-Utility-Vehicle.

For most of 7th grade, I made attempts to visit the Summers house which I couldnt locate for a year and a half despite the fact that it was a block from the high school.Most of middle school consisted of  endless hours of wiffleball and Halo, and me eating almost everything that Big Poop (Paul “Big Dad” Summers) could buy or cook up, referenced many a time by said Big Poop during his late night drunken summer rants. The best quote ever was probably when he rolled back in from the bar at about 1 in the morning and Satch and DJ wanted to test his drunkenness. Satch blurts out that DJ scored 200 points that night in basketball to which Poop responds, “what does that mean to me, is that good or bad?”.

At this time, all Shiloh was good at was appearing in the TV room  in the middle of a big baseball/basketball game, sitting directly in front of the T.V. with a plate of food, and then managing to be as annoying as possible in a span of ten minutes to include tattling on everyone in the room. When it came to baseball cards, however, Shiloh was much more willing, as he was an easy trader of people i wanted for people he wanted. All Satchel was good for was sapping all my Griffey’s while trying to offload any other Reds players such as Adam Dunn or Austin Kearns, who Shiloh will always quote me “if he can stay healthy, it would be easy for him to hit 50 Homers at some point”. 13 years into his professional career, he has failed to ever hit more than 27.

Over the span of 10 years, I have gotten to know the Summers bro’s quite well including being nearly arrested (at least a dozen times), arrested (once), and being chased by anyone (including a town plow truck driver in the dead of winter). These two, along with the combination of Justin and Travis Miller have remained my friends through the highs and lows, and are some of the people I would never hesitate to find when “trouble” is about to go down. The amount of shit we’ve been through is endless, and is something I’m sure to revisit over the course of my story telling here.

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