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A Fresh Start

After reading Full Speed Ahead | Adventures of Me , based on the daily events of one of my best friend’s first year college roommates, ive decided that a blog is a much better idea of where to vent my frustrations and ideas of my daily life and events. The issue with Facebook is that it has become in my opinon, a more bloated version of Twitter with a better interface. I would much rather see pictures or updates of something somebody did over the weekend than read a post every 45 minutes of how someone’s first year of college classes is going. I personally don’t care to listen to someone’s grunts and groans about something that hundreds of thousands of 18/19 year olds go through every fall. Also, no one wants to read a 300 word status update every time they go onto FB. I look forward to putting forth some of my ideas along the way and we’ll see how this goes.

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